Welcome to Fine Arts!

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    Teacher: Ms. Mezins


    St. Barbara School has an outstanding fine arts program.  Art classes, which are taught by Ms. Roberta Mezinskas, focus on the creation of art as a process.  In the past, students have studied the development of paper and print, Great Masters, Native American art, Asian art, the architecture of Chicago and a study of Chicago through culture and people.

    Currently, students are taught the basics of drawing, painting and sculpture.  Students are also focusing on the annual school theme, “Celebtrating Our Diversity” by working on projects that explore and celebrate our uniquness.   The Fine Arts program also holds an annual Art Fair, displaying artwork created by students throughout the year.

    The Importance of Art Education 

    Art education at the elementary level affects student growth and development beyond the classroom both physically and educationally. Development of motor skills is supported by motion required in art classes, including holding pencils and crayons or using a paintbrush. Decision-making and visual learning skills are also supported in art classes for young students as they are required to use creativity and critical-thinking skills in designing their own art projects. The development of visual-spatial skills is supported with drawing and painting activities. Additionally, the process-driven basis of art education develops student ability to engage in a project and develop creative solutions to a problem.