Welcome to Eighth Grade!

  • Teacher: Ms. Mohr

    Fifth Grade Science

    In the month of May we will be concluding the 5th grade Science textbook with parts 1-2 in the back of the book.  Students will do several labs in class and work on their anaylsis and data findings.  We will be working on writing stronger lab conclusions that support/explain the hypothesis of the lab.  In part two of the text, students will work on the design and function part of the lab.  Design process and technology will play a role in the lessons.   


    Sixth Grade Science

    In the month of May students will work to complete their second textbook which focused on Weather and Climate.  This month, the chapter we will focus on is Climate and Climate Change.  Students will examine what causes climate, the climate found in different regions, long term changes in climate, and the global changes in the atmosphere.  As a class we will consider how human activities might be affecting the temperature of the Earth's atmosphere and the ozone layer.  


    Seventh Grade Science

    In the month of May students will begin a chapter in their third book which focuses on Bacteria and Plants.  This will be an excellent transitional point to mend the content of the seventh grade with the content in which will be presented in eighth grade.  Students will be studying living things and examining further the ideas such as, what is life, classification, kingdoms, domains, and the origin of life.  


    Eighth Grade Science

    In the month of May eighth grade will conclude with the final chapter of their Chemical Interactions text.  The chapter we will be focusing on is entitled Carbon Chemistry.  We will be examining further the properties of carbon, carbon compounds, and life with carbon.  Again, we will be revisiting dot diagrams and structural diagrams, bonding, and structural diagrams.  Lipids, proteins,  simple and complex carbohydrates will aid the process of tying the first half of the curriculum of human body and the life with carbon in chemistry together nicely for a closure of materials.  



    Eighth Grade will be taking their final prayer test of May with the Memorare Prayer on May 17th.  Eighth grade will be celebrating their eighth grade ribbon mass on Friday, May 4th.  Also, on Friday, May 18th the eighth grade along with the third grade will have May Crowning Mass in church.