Welcome to Eighth Grade!

  • Teacher: Ms. Mohr

    Class of 2018-2019 welcomes you to the 8th grade webpage.

    Important dates to remember:

    November 1-GAO gift wrapping sale ends

    November 3-Ladies guild fall vendor fair

    November 4-Athletic team' family mass

    November 9-Parent teacher conferences  11:30 dismissal

    November 11-Veteran's Day

    November 13-Special lunch

    November 18-8th grade family mass 9:30am

    November 21-25-Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    November 26-Ladies guild

    November 29-Spirit day and "dine-out" night

    5th Grade Science

    In November, the fifth grade will be working on Chapter 3 entitled Growth and Survival.  During this chapter we will study what adaptations are and how they help both animals and plants.  We will examine the physical structures in living things.  Also, fith grade will investigate how some animals go through metamorphosis.  Students will be working in lab conducting numerous labs/mini labs.  We will examine how temperature affects seed growth utilizing the scientific method format and data charts.  Later in the month, we will take a closer look at the physical structure of a bird, specifically the beak.  Students will determine which bird beak can crush a seed using some creative building skills.

    6th Grade Science

    In November, students will be putting the finishing touches on the volcano they built in lab for Chapter three.  Following this, students will begin Chapter four which covers minerals.  Students will examine the properties of minerals and expalin how minerals are identified.  Furthermore, sixth grade will make connections back to chapter three and discuss how minerals form from magma and lava.  From there we will describe how minerals are used and how ores are processed to obtain metals.  Students will be in lab for Chapter four examining the color, luster, streak, hardness, fracture/cleavage, and the special properties of sample minerals.  

    7th Grade Science

    In November, students will be working on Chapters three and four of the Motion, Forces, and Energy textbook.  Students will be differentiating between Blaise Pascal's Principle and  Daniel Bernoulli's Principle in relation to fluids.  From there, we will begin Chapter four which discusses work and machines.  We will be working with several formulas within Chapter four.  Here they all are in one place for your reference 

    Work=Force x Distance




    mechanical advantage=output/input

    efficiency=output work/input work x 100%

    Ideal mechanical advantage=length of incline/height of incline (inclined plane)

    Ideal mechanical advantage=distance from fulcrum to input force/distance from fulcrum to output force (levers)

    Mechanical advantage=radius of wheel/radius of axle (wheel & axle)

    8th Grade Science

    In  November, eighth grade will be working on Chapter four which covers the respiration and excretion systems.  Students will analyze the structure and the function of both of those systems.  Students will identify how the kidneys filter wastes from the blood, which makes ties back to chapter three.  In addition to this, students will also explain how excretion contributes to homeostasis, which brings us back to chapter one.  Smoking and your health will also be covered during Chapter four.  We will be identifying the harmful chemicals contained in tobacco smoke.  Finally, we will explain and anaylze how tobacco smoke affects a person's health over time.  

    8th Grade Religion
    Eighth grade family mass will be held Sunday, November 18th at 9:30 a.m. mass. 

    Students should continue to work on mass reflections each Sunday as part of their Religion grade.  Also, the last Thursday of November will be another prayer test day.  This month's prayer is the Mary Stewart prayer which can be found in the student prayer book. 

    Service hours are being scheduled for November for both bulletins and church cleaning.  Schedules were distributed to students who signed up for these hours.