Welcome to Seventh Grade!


    8th Grade Algebra

    I was very pleased with the children’s progress on functions and graphing. We are now working on Analytic Geometry and slope of a line. This concept is confusing to the students, but they are working hard to understand the material. Anything they can learn and carry over to high school will be a great benefit to them. Please be sure that your child has a supply of graph paper.

    7th Grade Math

    This week we have covered scientific notation and volume. Everyone was very excited to calculate volume by snapping cubes together. Your children are talented future architects, as they made a building by putting all their cubes together. This month we will be covering various topics such as complex fractions, ratio, percent, and more geometry. Again, please be sure your child studies the study guide before tests

    6th Grade Math

    The children are beginning a unit on Algebraic concepts. We are working hard on the language of Algebra. Terms such as variable and coefficient should be part of their math vocabulary. The units in Everyday Math are quite long and it usually takes about a month to cover the unit. In addition to chapter tests, they are also assessed on homework and classwork.

    5th Grade Math

    We are now in Volume 2 of our math journal. Volume 2 will cover operations with fractions, measurement and geometry. To find a common denominator, your child needs to know their facts. Part of the Everyday Math program includes playing math games. These games do help children learn their facts. As a former resource teacher, I often used the Everyday Math Family Games Kit with my students. I have noticed this is still available from McGraw Hill. https://www.mheducation.com/prek-12/product/everyday-mathematics-4-grades-5-6-family-games-kit-mcgraw-hill-education/S9780076735853.html