Welcome to Seventh Grade!

  • Teacher: Mr. Jenrich


    Welcome to the 2018/2019 School Year!

    Welcome to the Seventh Grade Page.  I will provide a monthly update on what we are doing in our classroom.

    5th Grade History:

    We began the year by reviewing our nation’s geography, people and government, the American economy, and history and culture.

    Starting September 5th we will be focusing on the following topics:

    • Settling in the Americas
    • Native Americans of the West
    • The People of the southwest
    • Native Americans of the Plains
    • The People of the Eastern woodlands
    • The Spanish Coming to the Americas
    • French and English Colonies

    6th Grade History

    6th grade began the year by finding out what historians do and why they do it.  Along with learning how to know if you have a good source for research.

    Starting September 5th we will be focusing on the following topics:

    • Studying Geography
    • Exploring Economics
    • Citizenship
    • Hunters and Gatherers
    • The Agriculture Revolution
    • Sumerians
    • Mesopotamians

    7th Grade:

    7th grade has been learning a lot to start the year.  Students have been learning about the Bible in religion, Early Americans in History, and Vocabulary Unit 1.


    • Who is God
    • The Holy Trinity
    • The truth about Scripture


    • Unit 1 Definitions
    • Unit 2 Spelling
    • Unit 2 Definitions
    • Unit 3 Spelling


    • Exploring the Americas
    • The changing World
    • Early exploration
    • Spain in America
    • Exploring North America
    • Life In the Colonies
    • Government, religion, and culture
    • The clash between France and Great Brittan

    8th Grade History:

    In our first weeks, 8th grade has been learning about the causes of the American Civil War.

    8th grade History:

    • The Civil War
    • The Two Sides of the Nation
    • Early Stages of the war
    • Life during the war
    • The strain of war
    • The final stages of the war
    • Reconstruction of the Nation
    • Plans of reconstruction
    • The changes in the south