Welcome to Seventh Grade!

    Teacher: Mr. Jenrich


    January 2019

    Welcome to the Seventh Grade Page.  I will provide a monthly update on what we are doing in our classroom.


    Reminder that January 13th Is the 7th grade Family mass!!

        • 5thGrade History:

          Starting January 7th we will be focusing on the following topics:
          • Planning a New Government
          • United States Constitution
          • Louisiana Purchase
          • The War of 1812
          • The Industrial Revolution
          • The Age of Andrew Jackson
          • Texas and the War With Mexico 

        6th Grade History

        Starting December 7th we will be focusing on the following topics:

        • Greek Culture
        • The Greek Mind
        • Alexander’s Empire
        • Hellenistic Culture
        • Ancient India
        • Religions of India
        • The Mauryan Empire
        • The Birth of Chinese Civilization

        7th Grade: 


        • Jesus The Promised Messiah
        • The Jesus The Healer
        • Jesus, The Bread of life 


        • Unit 7 Spelling
        • Unit 7 Definitions
        • Unit 8 Spelling Unit 8 Definitions


        • American Constitution
        • Declaration of Independence
        • Articles of Confederation
        • Constitutional Convention
        • Bill Of Rights
        • Important Constitutional Events

        8th Grade History:

        8th grade History:

        • Progressive Presidents
        • Excluded From Reform
        • Expanding Horizons
        • Imperialism in the Pacific
        • Spanish American War
        • Latin America Policies
        • War in Europe
        • Americas Road to War