Welcome to Seventh Grade!

    Teacher: Mr. Jenrich


    November 2018/2019

    Welcome to the Seventh Grade Page.  I will provide a monthly update on what we are doing in our classroom.

    • 5thGrade History:

      StartingNovember 1st we will be focusing on the following topics:
      • Colonial Economies
      • Colonial Government
      • Project number 2: What does it take to build your own colony
      • The French In Louisiana
      • The French and Indian War
      • Colonists Protest British Rule
      • The Revolution Begins

    6th Grade History

    Starting November 1st we will be focusing on the following topics:

    • The Israelite Kingdom
    • Development of Judaism
    • The Ancient Greeks
    • Project Number 1: Power Point on Greek God
    • Greek Civilization

    7th Grade: 


    • St. Project
    • The Coming of God's Kingdom
    • Jesus the Healer
    • Jesus the Bread of Life


    • Unit 5 Spelling
    • Unit 5 Definitions
    • Unit 6 Spelling
    • Unit 6 Definitions
    • Unit 7 Spelling


    • The clash between France and Great Brittan
    • Project Number 1: What does it Take to become a Colony
    • The French and Indian War
    • The fight to Win Independence
    • Building Colonial Unity
    • Moving Towards Independence 
    • The Early Years of the war

    8th Grade History:

    8th grade History:

    • Railroads and the Industrial Age
    • Inventions
    • An Age of Business
    • Industrial workers
    • New Immigrants
    • A changing Culture
    • Reform of an Empire