Welcome to Fifth Grade!



    MAY 2018

    Is it so small a thing

    To have enjoy'd the sun

    To have lived light in the spring,

    To have loved,

    To have thought,

    To have done. . ."

    --Matthew Arnold [1822-1888]

     Dear Parents, Grandparents, Guardians, and Students,

    The year has flown by!! This is it--the last full month of the school year! Final Progress Reports will be out MONDAY, MAY 7.  But there is still the necessity to keep on working. Summer vacation does not begin until June. As the days get warmer and the landscape green and flowery, it is hard to remember this at times.


    Here is what we will hope and try to accomplish this month:

    RELIGION. We continue the study of the Eucharist: Jesus Christ, the Bread of Life.  Students have already completed the Bible readings about the Last Supper and so have the foundation set.  Students will be studying the parts of the Mass in this unit.

    Please remember that the grade also includes behavior to fellow students, teachers, and Mass participation.

    VOCABULARY. We did not get to Unit 11 [review Unit 8] so we will cover this as well as Unit 12 [review Unit 4].  These units will include the study of root words, idioms [subtlety of meanings], and the prefixes re-, in-, and im-.

     ENGLISH.  Students will be working on adverbs and polishing sentence form by the addition of clauses and phrases.  We have actually worked on this somewhat throughout the whole year.                             

     Concepts to consider:

    • Adverbs of time, place, manner
    • Adverbs that compare
    • Troublesome and negative words
    • There is and there are
    • Adverb clauses
    • Complex sentences

     Poems were mailed out to the American Library of Poetry; we should hear results before too long. Our class did have a winner in the Haiku Poetry Competition: Angeleo Alonso. We have had a very good year with three students winning Thanksgiving poem completion, two students winning in the 11th ward Spelling Bee; and, I’m sure, there will be winners in this latest competition. Last year, six of my students has their poems included in the ALP’S anthology.

     READING. The students love reading our present novel STONE FOX.  Too bad it is not a longer book! After this novel is completed, we will spend time on poetry reading and short selections from the basal reader.  Students will work on writing character descriptions, succinct summaries, and the clear statement of main ideas.

    6th GRADE

    ENGLISH. Students are nearly finished with verbs, a bit to go on tenses and mood; the test and then onto adverbs, and complex sentences which feature clauses.

    Some concepts to be covered:

    • Indicative, emphatic, subjunctive moods
    • Adverbs of time, place, manner
    • Comparative and superlative adverbs
    • Adverbs vs. adjectives
    • Adverb phrases and clauses

    READING. Students are all but completed with THE MIXED UP FILES OF MRS. BASIL E. FRANKWEILER and then on we go to short selections from the basic text: a fairytale, a play, and myths.  This group will also be studying poetry of different eras and types.

     7th GRADE.

    ENGLISH. Some concepts to be covered:

    • Agreements between subjects and verbs
    • Agreements between pronouns and antecedents
    • Comparison of adjectives and adverbs
    • Troublesome adjectives and adverbs
    • Hyphens and apostrphes

    READING. Students have begun reading GATHERING BLUE by Lois Lowry and seem to be greatly enjoying it.  They will be comparing and contrasting it with action of THE GIVER.  If students should finish this novel sooner, then they will be reading short selections from the literature book.

     8TH GRADE

    ENGLISH.  Students will be introduced to participles and gerunds.  They will also continue the study and use of types of clauses.                                                             

    READING. Students just only began the last novel for this year: THE MAGICIAN’S NEPHEW BY. C. S. Lewis; some have said that the start is too slow but other students who have read this book assured them, things pick up.  This novel is pure fantasy with Christian symbolism.

    BULLDOG TIMES:  Almost everything is set for our last issue.  This group of students have been exceptionally wonderful in the quality and hard work they have put in.  It’s hard to believe the year is nearly over.

     May every day be kind to you,

    Mrs. LoPiccolo