Welcome to Fourth Grade!


    Teacher: Mrs. LoPiccolo


    MAY 2019!!!

    "It is so small a thing

    To have enjoyed the sun,

    To have lived in the spring,

    To have loved.

    To have thought,

    Tohave done..."

     --Matthew Arnold [1822-1888]


    Dear Parents, Grandparents,  and Guardians,

    This is it--the last full month of the school year! Final Progress Reports will be out the first  week of May.. But there is still the necessity to keep on working. Summer vacation does not begin until June. As the days get warmer and the landscape green and flowery, it is hard to remember this at times. PLEASE REMIND YOUR STUDENT: classes are still in session!!!!

    Here is what we will hope and try to accomplish this month:

    RELIGION. In this last month, we will be working on the Commandments. Bible reading will concentrate on the miracles of Christ--how they show His love for us, body and soul.

    MATHEMATICS. STILL, I must emphasize BASIC FACTS: Not knowing facts spontaneously, impedes their effort to solve more complex problems. For instance, a student knows the steps for solving a long division problem, but gets an incorrect answer because the subtraction fact was wrong, throwing off the entire problem. So, please, if you know that your child is having difficulty--daily practice—only 5 minutes!!—is of utmost importance. This is strictly homework; you cannot expect your child to do well in Math in the next year if you do not make sure that he/she knows these facts--all 4 operations--spontaneously and accurately! Without this mastery, upper grade Math will be a greater struggle and material is covered at a more rapid rate.

    We have already begun the last unit of math; the students are ahead because we took extra time to work on multiplication, division, subtraction of fractions and mixed numbers, as well as the multiplication of numbersth decimals.

    Concepts covered will be:

    • Multistep word problems
    • Angle measures
    • Area and perimeter
    • Symmetry
    • Line plots:1/2, ¼, 1/8
    • Decimals in word problems
    • Measurement

      REMEMBER, the Student Reference Book is the text for this Math Program. Explanations, examples, and definitions are contained the SRB.

    READING. The students will be reading Shakespeare's "MacBeth." Kings, wicked queen, witches stirring a brew, ghosts, intrigues---all leading up to a great plot; is it any wonder they loved it? Roles assigned, we will gather around a long "table" and read the play, stopping for clarification and discussion, just as actors do when first going over a script. Although this was a simplified version, some of the parts were still in rhyme, as in the original by Shakespeare. The Globe writers also maintained the old English atmosphere. Yes, the students really enjoyed it and want to read "Hamlet" with its ghosts, kings, queen, intrigues. . .

    Skills covered will be:

    • Character analysis
    • Drawing conclusions
    • Fact/nonfact/opinion
    • Steps in a process
    • Flow charts
    • Figurative language

    ENGLISH. The poems have been sent off to the Scholastic Haiku contest; results will come out in September when winners are notified personally. The last month will be spent in reviewing parts of speech and in writing both prose and more poetry. English will overlap reading as students analyze the style, description, use of imagery, and character development in excerpts from various noted children's authors.

    Considerations of this month:

    • Adjectives as vehicles of imagery
    • Proper adjectives
    • Adjectives that compare
    • Using/review of similes and metaphors
    • Writing poems
    • Parts of Speech

    Please remember that transference of skills from one academic area to another is necessary and shows the student’s understanding of a concept. The use of correct English and spelling is expected in all subjects.

    SCIENCE.  Students will be finishing the respiratory and the circulatory systems.

    SOCIAL STUDIES. The students continue studying landforms and the great variation within this great United States.

    Let's always help our children to be aware that a season, a day passes and never comes again--

    "A delicate fabric of bird song

    Floats in the air,

    The smell of wet wild earth

    Is everywhere.

    Oh, I must pass nothing by

    Without loving it much,

    The raindrops try with my lips,

    The grass with my touch;

    For how can I be sure

    I shall see again

    The world on the first of May

    Shining after the rain?”

           - Sara Teasdale, May Day

     God bless,

    Mrs. LoPiccolo