Welcome to Fourth Grade!

  • Teacher: Mrs. LoPiccolo

    November 2018

    "Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good and His love is everlasting." Psalms

    Hello Parents, Guardians, and Students,

    REMEMBER: Parent-Teacher Report Conferences: Friday, Nov. 9.

    It seems that the school year has just started; and, already here comes November, with the holiday season soon upon us!. The Lyric Opera in the Neighborhoods performance of "Rhoda and the Fossil Hunt" was most enjoyable; it seems that they were more intrigued with the characters than with the story or the music. 

    The following will be some of what we hope to cover during the month of November.

    RELIGION. Students will be studying the Ordinary Time of the Church year. This will give them a good overview of the weeks that fall between the seasons of Christmas and Lent and between the seasons of Easter and Advent. Because the stories of Jesus' life and teachings are read in sequential order during Ordinary Time, we will be concentrating on the Bible: the Gospel writings of Luke. The students will be reading, writing summaries, making a timeline, and acting out skits (which they really enjoy doing). Reading the life of Jesus as written by one author will help to order the events of His life in the minds of the children.

    MATHEMATICS. Some--most-- students need daily practice in Multiplication and Division facts as well as Addition and Subtraction facts. Please make it a daily routine with the flash cards at home or in the car during your comings and goings; also, play the Math card and other games with your child--makes for an enjoyable time. I will be sparing some time during the day for Multiplication Math games to be played. We ended October with the study of double-digit (multiplicand and multiplier) multiplication and the introduction of long division.  What makes this more difficult than it should be for some students is the fact that they may not know basic Addition and Multiplication facts--so they are trying to do a veritable juggle act. The problem is wrong if adding or basic multiplication facts are incorrect. And, all of the finger counting really does eat up time which will be to their disadvantage on timed ASPIRE Tests next year.

    Students have begun Unit 3 in Math; we are already on Lesson 3 as I write this; most of this unit is on fractions.

    Some of the content we will be covering this month:

    • Fraction circles: equivalence
    • Comparing fractions
    • Ordering fractions
    • Fractions and their decimal equivalents
    • Tenths and hundredths
    • Working with metric
    • Comparing decimals
    • Continued traditional multiplication and long division
    • Necessary and unnecessary information in a word problem

    READING. Reading includes the text in Science and Social Studies.  Some of the selections from the reader will be: “The Talent Show” [how one’s actions affects others]; “To the Rescue” [how people respond to natural disasters]; “The Fisherman and the Kaha” [a Persian folktale].

    Some of the skills that will be covered:

    • Making predictions
    • Reading with expression
    • Reading at a steady pace
    • Rereading informational text to improve comprehension
    • Sequence of events

    VOCABULARY. This month students will cover Unit 4 [review Unit 1] and Unit 5 [review Unit 3].  Also included will be some cross-curriculums words: fraction, denominator, numerator, digestion, enzymes.  They will practice sentence-writing with vocab words as well as playing an assortment of vocabulary games.

    ENGLISH. Students have been working on making their writing more interesting by using a variety of sentence forms. They are very weak in sentence structure, and find it difficult to distinguish between a sentence and a fragment. We have also been seeking to use more descriptive language and not being redundant in word usage. As always, the use of correct English is expected in all subjects, both oral and written. If we study something in English, it is to be correctly used in the other subjects. This is part of the English grade.

    Topics this month will include:

    • Singular and plural nouns
    • Nouns ending with y
    • Forming Possessives
    • More descriptive writing
    • Organizing ideas for writing

    SCIENCE. Students continue the study of the human body.  Everybody did well in the test on the skeleton.  This month students will study the muscular and digestive systems.  All students have been fascinated with how the digestive system of the body breaks the food that is eaten and breaks it down so that it can be absorbed by cells.

    SOCIAL STUDIES: The students have just about finished the study of Native Americans.  Soon we will begin with the European colonization of the Americas, beginning with the great Spanish explorers and the Spanish priests who introduced Christianity to the Native Americans.  The Spaniards founded the oldest town in our history: St. Augustine, Florida.

    THE BULLDOG BULLETIN: our Newspaper Club hopes that everyone had the opportunity to read and enjoy this year's first issue.  All students for Second through Eighth Grades received a copy.

    Lest I forget: I want to wish all the families of St. Barbara a very happy Thanksgiving!

    Peace and all Good to you!

    Mrs. LoPiccolo