Welcome to Third Grade!

  • Teacher: Mrs. Juliann Jurisic


    Marvelous May in 3rd Grade!

    Parents & Guardians,

    Welcome to the 3rd Grade Website. This site will be updated monthly and will inform you of our curricular highlights throughout each month.

    Religion: We begin this month with our preparation for the sacrament of First Holy Communion. We will then focus the rest of the year on ways we can live as a disciple of Jesus.

    Our learning activities include: 

    • Identifying and describing the uses of special objects used at Mass
    • Reflecting on Scripture
    • Writing a detailed summary of the Last Supper
    • Practicing our parts for the First Communion Mass
    • Identifying ways we can live the Good News

    Activities for

    • Reading and participating in the "Together As A Family" section of the Eucharist book
    • Review any study guides that are sent home
    • Pray daily with your child
    • Practice making the sign of the cross
    • Encourage your child to participate in the responses at Mass

    Math: This month we will focus on Unit 9: Multiplication and Division. In this unit, students will  further develop their understanding of multiplication and division as they apply basic fact knowledge to mentally solve number stories and multiply larger factors. 

    Our learning activities for the month of May include:

    • Using mental steps to multiply problems involving larger factors
    • Working  with elapsed time, exploring polygon relationships, and finding the masses of objects.
    • Partitioning rectangles to solve multidigit multiplication problems.
    • Developing strategies for using a calculator with a broken division key to solve a problem.
    • Analyzing the Length-of-Day Graph.

    Activities for Home"

    • Review any Home Links sent home with your child
    • PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE those  multiplication and division facts! (Focus on 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, 11,12)


    We will focus on Units 17 and 18 during the month of May. Students are introduced to words in class and we complete daily work with the words.

    Our learning activities for every unit include:

    • Identifying synonyms and antonyms for Unit words
    • Using context clues to complete sentences with words
    • Identifying the parts of speech of unit words
    • Writing sentences for each word

    Activities to practice at home:

    • Study spellings and meanings of words
    • Use vocabularyworkshop.com (Green Unit) to access online activities

     Words for May 11th Test:

    absorb, amateur, channel, elegant, grace, inspect, lame, suspend, tiresome, tranquil

    Words for May 25th Test: 

    boast, eloquent, glisten, ideal, infectious, invest, locate, ripple, sufficient, uproar

    Grammar: This month we will wrap up our Unit on Adverbs and begin our study of Punctuation and Capitalization Rules.

    Our learning objectives include:

    • Understanding when to use the words "good" and "well"
    • Distinguishing between and using To, Too, and Two correctly
    • Distinguishing between their and there and using them correctly
    • Identifying and Using the coordinating conjunctions and, but, and or.
    • Reviewing statements, questions, and commands and using the correct punctuation at the end of each type
    • Capitalizing proper nouns
    • Abbreviating days, months, places, directions, and measurements
    • Recognizing personal titles
    • Capitalizing and punctuating personal titles and initials
    • Writing titles of books correctly
    • Using commas in a series
    • Using commas in direct addresses
    • Using commas in compound sentences

    At home practice:

    • Practice writing complete, detailed sentences with adjectives and adverbs
    • Have your child check over any written homework and make sure that all beginning words are capitalized and that all sentences end with punctuation.


    This month our investiagtions in Science will all answer the essential question, " What patterns do the Earth, Sun, Moon, and Stars show?"

    Our learning activities include:

    • Exploring how shadows change over time
    • Exploring what causes an eclipse
    • Journaling the sun's position
    • Taking a field trip to the Planetarium

    Activities for home:

    • Review any study guides that are sent home for  study to prepare for tests.
    • Please make sure your child reads any assigned reading for homework. They may record this in their reading log. 


    Students have now learned all of the uppercase and lowercase letters in Cursive. Students will now begin writing many assignments in Cursive handwriting. We will continue to practice using our Cursive instructional workbook. 

    The new writing program is underway in 3rd grade and the 3rd graders are writing fast and furiously. Each day students are introduced to a writing topic such as organizing information, drafting, revising, or editing. Students see the topic modeled and then students apply what they have learned to their own writing. During independent writing, I am able to circulate and confer with students about their writing. Writing will also be incorporated throughout the curricular areas.


    Our reading topic this month is reading multiple nonfiction texts on animals. Students will read 3 different texts on a chosen animal and will learn to compare facts across texts. using the information, students will research and write animal reports. We will also focus on main idea and supporting details, summarizing, and taking notes. 
    Have a wonderful month!
    Mrs. Jurisic