Welcome to Third Grade!

  • Teacher: Mrs. Jurisic

    Welcome to 3rd Grade!

    Dear Parents & Guardians,

        Welcome to the 3rd grade website! Below you will find curriculum highlights for each of the subject areas in 3rd grade. This site will be updated at the beginning of each month, so please visit again. Thank you for visiting and I look forward to a wonderful, productive new year!

    Mrs. Jurisic

    Math: During the month of September we will focus on Unit 1 and begin our exploration of Unit 2. Unit 1 is a review of skills taught in previous years.

    Our learning objectives are:

    • Exploring math tools and the Student Reference Book
    • Using a number line to round numbers
    • Telling time
    • Using mathematical models to measure elapsed time
    • Representing and interpreting data on scaled bar graphs
    • using drawings and number models to represent and solve multiplication number stories
    • solving division number stories
    • developing strategies for 2s, 5s, and 10s facts
    • calculating elapsed time
    • comparing masses and divide wholes and sets into equal shares
    • estimating  and measure masses of objects

    The following are at home activities for your child that will reinforce the skills and concepts your child is learning in school:

    • Review the home link activities that are sent home.
    • Practice addition and subtraction basic facts.
    • Practice time by using a blank analog clock on paper. Set various times and haveyour child practice reading them.
    • Count by 2's, 5's, and 10's.


    This year all of our studies in religion will be preparing the students for their First Holy Communion. During the month of September, we will look closely at how Jesus lived and the ways He taught us to live as His followers. 
    Our learning activities include:
    • Illustrating the message that God sent us His only Son
    • Comparing Jesus' life as a child to students' lives as children
    • Identifying ways we can live as Jesus taught
    • sequencing the events of the Resurrection of Jesus
    • Exploring the Bible
    • Creating a booklet that shows ways people build up the Kingdom of God
    • Identifying and living the Greatest Commandments


    This year students spelling words will come from a Vocabulary curriculum. Students will be introduced to a Unit and then study those words for two weeks. Therefore, there will be tests every two weeks. Please look for a schedule regarding the testsing dates that will be sent home the first week of September. The first test will be on Friday, September 14th. Students were introduced to the Unit 1 words and the study sheet was sent home on Friday, August 31st. 

    For each unit, students begin by listening to the new words being used in context. Then, we discuss the pronunciations and meanings of each of the words. Students are given opportunities to make personal connections to the words in order to better understand the word. There will also be practice matching the meaning, completing the sentence, identifying synonyms and antonyms of the words, and using the words in complete sentences.

    Social Studies:

    The main theme in 3rd grade Social Studies is our Communities. Students will discover how people live, work, and play within their communities as well as the history of communities. 

    During the month of September students will:

    • Explore globes and maps and explain the difference
    • Practice reading different types of maps
    • Identify the 7 continents and 4 oceans
    • Use map keys and map symbols
    • Writing poems about the three different tyoes of communities
    • Identify problems in a community and brainstorm ways people can solve these problems
    • Creating a brochure that describes their community


    We have started the year with practicing and identifying the basic strokes. We will now begin with our learning and practice of the lowercase letters. The students are quite eager to begin writing in cursive and some say they have been practicing. I do ask that students not practice writing any other words or letters that we are not yet practicing in class, becuase they may be forming the letter in a way that is different than presented in our Cursive book. The students will be assessed according to the cursive letter formation within our curriculum. 


    We begin this year with a study of life science. Our first focus is the animal kingdom. 

    Some of our activities include:

    • Identifying the basic needs of all animals
    • Creating characteristic webs for the different animal groups both vertebrates and invertebrates
    • Making a model of a backbone
    • Learning the steps of the scientific method and creating lab write ups for each lab exploration


    This year we are using the Wonders reading program. Both our reading and writing curriculum will come from this program. There is also an interactice component that will assist in the presentaion of reading and writing skills and allow students opportunities to practice readign comprehension and writing skills. We will begin our first selection the week of September 10th. Please check back at the begining of that week for more detailed description of our first selection and objectives.

    Reading this year will be taught both in small group and whole group. Many skills will be presented as a whole group instruction and then applied and reinforced at the small group level.

    Have a wonderful month and if there are any questions, please contact me!
    Mrs. Jurisic