Welcome to 2nd Grade!

  • Teacher: Mrs. Monica Mison

    Dear Parents and Guardians,


    Welcome to the 2nd grade webpage!  Please take the time to read this month’s highlights below.  You will also find important information pertaining to your child’s curriculum for the month of May.


    2nd Grade News: A Review of Last Month’s Highlights


    April was jam packed with exciting activities for 2nd grade. Some of them included studying our solar system, publishing our dog research papers, partitioning shapes, exploring standard units of measurement, and learning about dinosaurs. We have been busy bees!


    For the month of May, 2nd grade will focus on the following concepts:

    9-4 Fractional Units of Length
    9-5 Reviewing Place Value
    9-6 Expand and Trade Subtraction, Part 1
    9-7 Expand and Trade Subtraction, Part 2
    9-8 Equivalent Money Amounts
    9-9 Estimating Costs
    9-10 Connecting Doubles Facts, Even Numbers, Equal Groups
    9-11 Multiples of 10 and 5
    9-12 Unit 9 Progress Check
    9-13 End of the Year Assessment

    The homework each night will consist of a Home Links page and/or a facts worksheet. Please encourage your child to take the time to complete his/her math homework – it should be written neatly in pencil, and it should show all of the student’s work.

    *Additionally, I encourage you to practice math facts at home (addition and subtraction flashcards) with your child nightly. Practice makes perfect, and it is essential for your child to master addition and subtraction. I appreciate you taking the time to help your child.


    Reading, Spelling, and Writing
    For the month of May, 2nd grade will focus on the following concepts using Superkids Hit Second Grade:

    Word Work

    Decoding and encoding

    Ui, ew, ou, ue, oo, u_e/ōō/; air, ear, are, -airy, -erry, -ary/âr/; or, oar, ar, our, oor, ore/ôr/; er, or, ir, ur, ear, ure/ėr/


    Memory words


       Complete and incomplete sentences

       Words with inflicted endings and suffixes

       Capitalization in days, months, and people’s titles


    Determine cause and effect



    Reading Nonfiction (Super Magazine)


    Identify main idea and supporting details

    Draw and support conclusions

    Determine cause and effect


    Understand words important to concept or text


    Read at an appropriate rate

    Read rhythmically

    Study and research skills

    Use references and resources

    Reading Fiction (“Maybelle in the Soup” and “Josefina Learns a Lesson”)


    Determine cause and effect

    Identify a story’s lesson

    Generate questions to distinguish between reality and fantasy

    Monitor comprehension and use fix-ups tips


    Understand words that describe characters

    Categorize feelings


    Observe typographical clues

    Read with appropriate stress

    Read accurately


    Study and Research Skills

    Use multiple sources of information

    Use the library

    Expressive writing

    Generate questions for investigation

    Write expository texts for a magazine


    The homework each night will consist of Backpack Pages. Students will also have a Spelling Test once a week on their Memory Words and/or Pattern Words (students will bring them home weekly on Backpack Pages). Please encourage and help your child study for his/her Spelling Tests.


    May Spelling Test Dates:






    For the month of May, we will study the Liturgy of the Eucharist. We will learn that the Eucharistic Prayer is a great prayer of thanks and praise. Also, we will understand that the Our Father is an important prayer for forgiveness and peace. We will explore ways that we continue the celebration of the Eucharist in our lives. The students will learn that we are sent to share God’s love with others – Jesus is with us when we share his peace. We will understand the importance of carrying Jesus’ spirit of forgiving and peace from Mass to others.


    Social Studies
    For the month of May, 2nd grade will be focusing on the following concepts:


    How do we get the things we need and want?
    Goods and Trade
    Producers and Consumers

    How the Government Works
    Why do we need government?
    We the People
    Our Country’s Government
    Our Country’s Capital
    Our State Capitals
    Community Government


    For the month of May, 2nd grade will be focusing on the following concepts:

    Fossils and Dinosaurs
    How can we learn about the past?
    What can we learn from fossils?
    What were dinosaurs like?
    What are some new discoveries?


    Thank you for taking the time to view our 2nd grade webpage.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.



    Mrs. Mison