Welcome to 2nd Grade!

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    Teacher: Ms. Moore


    Welcome to 2nd Grade!

    Welcome to the 2nd grade website! Below you will find curriculum highlights for each of the subject areas in 2nd grade. This site will be updated at the beginning of each month, so please visit again. Thank you for visiting and I look forward to a wonderful, meaningful new year!

    - Ms. Moore




    In May, we will assess in unit 9. In this unit, we will focus on equal shares and whole number operations. We will be looking at expand-and-trade subtraction and fractional units of length. Practicing the following games at home will reinforce what we are leaning in class: Array Concentration, Shape Capture, Number Top-It, Beat the Calculator, and Hit the Target.

    Our learning objectives for Unit 9 are the following:

    Students should be able to

    • Divide shapes and use fraction vocabulary to name shares
    • Explore equal shares of different shapes
    • Measure lengths to the nearest half-inch
    • Write multi-digit numbers in expanded form and compare them
    • Use base-10 blocks to solve subtraction problems
    • Use the expand-and-trade subtraction to subtract multi-digit numbers
    • Find con and bill combination with equivalent values
    • Solve number stories about 2 equal groups
    • Skip count and add to solve problems using multiples of 5 and 10


    Word Work:

    In May, we will learn our final spelling words of the year. We will learn about long vowel sounds with irregular vowel pairings. We will also continue our learning in homonyms, proverbs, capitalization, base words, prefixes, and suffixes. Students will continue to have spelling tests on Friday’s.

    Magazine/Book Club:

    In May, we will read our final issue of the Super Magazine. This magazine will focus on things in the wild. Students will be “reading to learn” and have been exposed to a variety of social studies, science, and art topics. We will fine-tune our nonfiction reading strategies and send them into third grade feeling confident in their reading. In book clubs, students will be reading either Maybelle in the Soup by Paul Ratz de Tagyos or Josefina Learn a Lesson by American Girl. These are two books with two different genres; however, students will be able to use tools learned throughout the year to read fluently and with understanding.


    In May, students will be writing non-fiction pieces based on something they would like to know more about. Using resources like books, magazines, and the internet will show them how to find knowledge and information when they need. Students will be able to communicate what they have learned through a written report that they will share with the class. We will finish the month of May by having students write their own magazine about life as a second-grader. Students will be using issues from their Super magazines as a template to follow. Students will be able to compile their work into a booklet that has the look of a real magazine.


    Social Studies:

    In May, we will begin learning about government. We will learn about the people who make up the US, what our government looks like, our state capitals, and communities. Important words for this unit are government, Constitution, election, judge, Congress, court, Supreme Court, Capital, Capitol, diagram, monument, governor, mayor, justice, and immigrant.  



    In May, we will explore some ways technology helps us. We will discuss what technology is, how is helps us, how we use it to communicate, and how people make things. We will discuss how technology makes life easier at home and at school.



    This month, we will continue learning about different parts of the Mass and what they mean to us. We will also learn about God’s call to us to love and serve him. We learn about what we can do as individuals and as a group to follow God’s call to serve him.


    • Students need to be in dress code every day. For Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, this includes a tie and belt for boys.
    • Students cannot use an out-of-uniform pass on a Friday, due to mass.
    • 3 days where homework is missing/not turned in and/or out of uniform will result in a detention
    • 3 tardy’s result in a detention
    • Remember to sign the brown envelope every time it comes home. Check the papers that are sent home.


    Important Dates:

    • May 6th - Progress reports go home


    • May 7th - Special lunch and boxtops/$1 out of uniform day
    • May 12th - Mother’s Day
    • May 14th - Sports Awards Night
    • May 15th - Athlete Appreciation Day
    • May 16th- Barb-a-thon
    • May 17th - 11:30 Dismissal
    • May 23 - Barb-a-thon Rain ate
    • May 27th - Memorial Day
    • May 30th - Spirit Day



    If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me. Have a great May!