Welcome to First Grade!

  • Teacher: Mrs. Krok






    Welcome to 1st Grade at St. Barbara!  This year we will be learning so many new and wonderful things.  Here you will find information about our classroom, what we are learning each month and important school information.

    Here is what we are learning in May:



    We are learning our math curriculum through the University of Chicago's Everyday Math program.  Everyday Math provides our students with meaningful math activities that are also engaging and playful.  This month in Unit 8-Geometry, children learn about attributes of shapes, compose and decompose shapes, and divide shapes into halves and fourths. Children continue to practice telling time, work with bar graphs, and use their understandingof place value and properties of operations to add and subtract larger numbers.  

    The concepts are:

    • 8-10  Number-Grid Puzzles
    • 8-11  Mentally Finding 10 More and 10 Less
    • 8-12  Unit 8 Progress Test
    •          Day 2: Cumulative Assessment

    We will then move on to Unit 9-Two Digit Addition and Subtraction. In this unit students focus on adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers.  They also review other topics.  The concepts will be:

    • 9-1    Review: Measurement
    • 9-2    Two-Digit Number Stories
    • 9-3    Open Response-Shopping at the School Store
    • 9-4    Explorations-Exploring Broken Calculators, Fractions, and Facts
    • 9-5    Vending Machine Addition and Subtraction
    • 9-6    Two-Digit Comparison Number Stories
    • 9-7    Efficient Strategies for 2-Digit Addition and Subtraction
    • 9-8    Review: Relations and Equivalence
    • 9-9    Review: Place Value
    • 9-10  Review: 3-Dimensional Geometry
    • 9-11  Review: Equal Shares
    • 9-12  Unit 9 Progress Check
    •          Open Response Assessment 

    Our math homework will consist of a Home Link worksheet that you will do with your child to practice various skills in your home environment. Please complete the Home Link worksheet with your child each night. Also, students should practice their addition and subtraction facts nightly. 


    We are now using the fourth level of the Superkids:More Adventures of the Superkids!  We will make great strides as readers as we accompany the Superkids on many new adventures.  We will learn how to read more complex words and longer stories.  We will learn new phonemes, structural analysis skills, and Memory Words.  We will practice the skills of making predictions using illustrations, visualizing, using context clues, summarizing and sequencing.  We will identify story elements of character, setting, and plot. We will read together in small guided reading groups, read leveled readers with partners and practice our reading skills individually.  During these 'Centers', we are also able to exomplore subject areas that we are learning about in science or social studies, practice our phonics, and enjoy math games with dice or graphing.  Our parents will help us practice our Memory and Pattern words at home.  At school we will practice by blending  in our SuperKids Big Book, singing with the SuperKids cds, writing them on our dry erase boards, and with letter cards.

    We have begun Unit 6 in our second book "More Adventures of the Superkids", and the students have really enjoyed reading the Superkids stories.  In this unit, students are associating oi with /oi/  and  /oy/.  They will recognize plot: beginning, middle and end and the homophones by and buy.    They will learn to spell and read the memory words: kind, buy, find, right, wash and light and encode pattern words with oi and oy.  Our test on these words will be on May 7.  We will then move on to Unit 7.  In this unit, students will associate ar,or,ear with /er/ and ir, er, ur with /er/,and decode trickers with ar,or, ear. Students will sequence words,recognize story words, idioms and synonyms. They will learn to spell and read memory and pattern words: collar, dollar, forward, backward, word, worm, world, earn, earth, and early. Our test on these words will be on May 16.  Our next unit will be Unit 8.  In this unit, students will associate ou with /ou/ and ow with /ou/, /o/ and decode words with ow and ou.  They will identify lessons that a story teaches, understand characters and determine cause and effect.  Students will learn to spell and read the memory words: warm, walk, give, once, done and encode pattern words with ow and ou. Unit 8 test will be on May 24.  Please continue reading nightly with your child and to fill out your reading logs.



    We are beginning Chapter 9, "Movement and Sound", in our science books.  Students will understand that different things move at different speeds, and that there is a relationship between force and motion. They will be introduced to the vocabulary words: force, gravity, speed, magnet, attract, pole, repel and vibrate.   

    The lessons are:     

    • What makes things move?
    • What is speed?
    • How do things move?
    • What do magnets do?
    • Chapter 9 Review
    • Chapter 9 Test

    Next, we will begin Chapter 10 in our science books "Learning about Energy".  Students will Know that the sun supplies heat and light energy to Earth. They will be introduced to the vocabulary words: heat, energy, shadow, fuel, electricity, and battery.

    The lessons are:

    • What gives off heat?
    • What can energy do?
    • What makes light and shadows?
    • What uses energy around us?
    • How do you get energy?
    • Chapter 10 Review
    • Chapter 10 Test


    The unit that we are focusing on is "Community".  Students will learn what a community is, people and jobs in a community and what their part is in a community. They will learn the difference between a rural, urban, and suburban community. Students will learn about Memorial Day and why we celebrate this holiday. 



    We will begin Chapter 15, "We Belong to a Parish".  In this chapter, children learn about the parish community and its activities. The key words are: parish, worship and pastor.  We will then move on to Chapter 16, "We Celebrate the Sacraments." In this chapter will learn that we celebrate God's love in the sacraments. The key word to know is sacrament. In Chapter 17, "The Church Welcomes New Members," students will learn about the Sacrament of Baptism.  Key words to know are: Baptism and grace.

    Together we will sing, pray, act out bible stories and ways to show God's love, and share ideas in discussion.  The first graders will show their love of God with their great behavior at Friday Mass.


    • Brown envelopes will be sent home every Monday and need to be sent back to school on Tuesday mornings signed.  If envelopes have to be sent home during the week for any reason, please send them back to school the next day.
    • Send any important papers, notes, etc. that you have during the week with your child in the morning to turn in to me.
    • If you are sending any money to school or a check, please place in an envelope labeled with your child's name and the purpose of the money.
    • Any money that you are able to donate to the Catholic Missions is greatly appreciated.
    • Please send a note to the office if anyone besides you will be picking your child up from school.
    • Homework folders go home every night and are due back every day. Remember, neatness counts on homework.  Please have your child write his first and last name on all homework.  Any pictures on homework must be colored in using 2-4 colors that make sense.
    • Please be mindful of the Saint Barbara rquirements for your child's hairstyle and clothing/uniform listed in the handbook.  It is a great time to practice tying shoes and tucking in our shirts at home.
    • We are scheduled to have gym class every Monday and Wednesday, so please send your child to school in his/her uniform.
    • We have library every Tuesday, so please send your child to school with his/her library book.  New library books may not be checked out until last week's book has been returned.


    • May 3:   8th Grade Ribbon Mass
    • May 5:   First Holy Communion Mass 9:30am
    • May 6:   4th Quarter Progress Reports
    • May 7:   Special Lunch
    • May 14: Sports Award Night
    • May 15: Athlete Appreciation Day
    • May 16  Barb-a-Thon
    • May 17: May Crowning-11:30am Dismissal
    • May 27: Memorial Day-Free Day
    • May 30: Spirit Day-Dine Out Night




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