Welcome to Kindergarten!

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    Teacher: Ms. Wargo


    Teacher Aide: Mrs. C. Whitehouse


    Read below for everything we will be learning and doing in Kindergarten this month! 

    Math: We have now been in school over 100 days! We celebrated our 100th day with 1st and 2nd grade and had lots of fun! We have been busy at work comparing 2-d and 3-d shapes, learning the addition, subtraction, and equal symbols, and using our knowledge of addition and subtraction to play math games. Students are working on representing number stories with number sentences, 2+2=4. In March, we will be working with teen collections, calculations, discussing estimation, and learning about time.  

    Superkids: We are now in the second half of our Superkids program, the Superkids Club! This month we covered Bb, Rr, and Nn. We have been working more on encoding words and have started reading independently or in reading groups. Students are working hard on blending sounds to form words. In March, we will be learning Mm, Pp, Vv, and (time permitting) Ww. We will be working on our letter-sound correspondence and writing these letters using our ice-cream lines. 

    Writing: Students are now being asked to write their own sentences. We have been discussing how you want to stretch words out, like a rubberband, to hear and write as many letter sounds as you can. We are always encouraging and reminding students to start a sentence with a capital, leave finger space between words, and end your sentence with a period. We will continue this process in March to build on students' confidence with this skill. Beginning to write can be stressful and frustrating, but getting students to try is the best way to learn! We are also going to work more on vowels. We have vowel rules that we learn, such as distinguishing when a vowel will make its short or long sound. 

    Social Studies: In February, we talkdc about President's Day and Black History Month. Students learned about Rosa Parks, Ruby Bridges, Jackie Robinson, Jesse Owens, Michael Jordan, Misty Copeland, and George Crum. We stressed how, not matter what people told them, they did not stop pursuing their dreams. In March, we will talk about Dr. Seuss and St. Patrick's Day. 

    Science: This past month, we talked about dental health and Groundhog's Day. We also talked how March comes in like a lion, and out like a lamb to start discussing spring weather changes. Moving forward, we will talk about spring for animals and motion! Students will start learning about ramps and bridges and begin challenges where they must make their own or are challenged to get an object to move. I am very excited to do this! 

    Religion: In February we talked about how Jesus wants us to love one another and how we learn to pray like Jesus did. March is the start of Lent. We will be learning about Lent and what it means, building up to Easter. We will also be talking about forgiveness. Students are starting to remember very well the Lord's Prayer and are continuing to go to bi-weekly mass. 


    Important Dates

    March 2nd: Spring Vendor Fair 

    March 6th: Ash Wednesday

    March 8th: Spring Picture Day 

    March 12th: Special Lunch 

    March 15th: Snow Day Makeup & No Hot Lunch/Milk Service 

    March 17th: St. Patrick's Day 

    March 18th: St. Jude Math-a-thon Begins

    March 22nd: 3rd Quarter Ends 

    March 25th: Ladies' Guild Meeting 

    March 28th: Spirit Day 


    • On Special Lunch days there is no hot lunch or milk service. If you did not sign up for Special Lunch, please provide your student with a lunch.
    • Please label gym sweatshirts.
    • If snow is on the ground, boots need to be worn to school. This is St. Barbara policy. 
    • Please return brown envelopes the day after they are sent home. 
    • We have 16 students in the class. If you send in any treat, please make sure it is peanut free.