Welcome to Kindergarten!

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    Teacher: Ms. Wargo


    Teacher Aide: Mrs. C. Whitehouse


    Read below for everything we will be learning and doing in Kindergarten this month! 

    Math: Students have been working hard these past months! In December we started learning combinations of 10, skip counting, and working on identifying tricky teen numbers. This month, we will continue to build on our teen number sense We will also start learning about the addition and the equal symbol. We will be starting to write numbers larger than 20 as well. The year is flying by! 

    Superkids: In December we met Frits (Ff). Now, we will be meeting Ettabetta (Ee), Hot Rod (Hh), and learning the letter Uu. These are the last 3 letters considered to the be in the first half of the Superkids Kindergarten program. After January, students will be reading concrete stories in their workbooks and answering more questions about the text. Students are putting together sounds to form words and even write these words. 

    Writing: Students are writing vowel cosonant vowel words, stretching words out to hear all the letter sounds they cna hear. We have been talking about the components of a sentence as well. Students will be starting a writing journal soon to further develop these skills and encourage independent writing.

    Social Studies: In December we will talked about wants and needs. Some students were surprised to consider a cellphone or a game a want! In January, we will learn about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the impact he made on society.  

    Science: We disuccsed hibernation in December to help us understand why we see less animals in Winter. This month, we will be talking about snow and learn about penguins. Luckily penguins are a lot cuter than spiders- which students were not too fond of learning about in October! 

    Religion: In December we learned about Advent and celebrated Jesus' birth. This month, we will talk about how Jesus grew up like we do and more about Jesus' teaching. The end of January is also Catholic School's Week, where we celebrate our schools. 

    Important Dates

    January 7th: World's Famous Chocolate Orders go home 

    January 8th: Special Lunch 

    January 10th: Graduation Picture Day 

    January 11th: 2nd Quarter Ends 

    January 21st: MLK Day No School 

    January 22nd: Report Cards Sent Home

    January 27th: Mandatory Catholic School's Week Mass & Open House

    January 28th: Ladies' Guild Meeting 

    January 31st: Spirit Day 


    • On Special Lunch days there is no hot lunch or milk service. If you did not sign up for Special Lunch, please provide your student with a lunch.
    • Please label gym sweatshirts.
    • If snow is on the ground, boots need to be worn to school. This is St. Barbara policy. 
    • Please return brown envelopes the day after they are sent home.