Welcome to Kindergarten!

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    Teacher: Ms. Wargo


    Teacher Aide: Mrs. C. Whitehouse



    Read below for everything we will be learning and doing in Kindergarten this month! 

    Math: Students have grown so much with their addition and subtraction skills! We will keep building on them this month, playing games to better remember our facts to 5. Students will also be exploring capacity, making a map of the classroom, and using positional language to guide a partner to copy their design. It is hard to believe we are now in our last unit of math for the school year!

    Superkids: In April we we focused on Kk, Qq, and Jj. Now, we are learning the final 3 letters of the alphabet, Xx, Yy, and Zz. We are wrapping up with our Superkids program and remembering the good times we had with them this year. Students will continue to build their decoding and encoding skills, as well as reading words in a sentence. 

    Writing: Students are still learning their vowel rules and how we can mark them within words. Students are also continuing to build their indepedent writing skills. We will be writing more and more in our writing journals with less and less instruction from Ms. Wargo. It is so nice to see students excited about writing! 

    Social Studies: In May we will be talking about summer safety and how we can stay safe outside and around water when school is out. 

    Science: This past month, we talked about sharks, fish, and dolphins to get us ready for the Shedd Aquarium. Students were so excited to see what we talked about right in front of them! We also talked about Earth Day and how we want to treat our Earth well everyday. This month, we will moving on to talk about ladybugs and mazes. We will actually be having ladybug larvae in our classroom to explore the lifecycle of one! 

    Religion: In April we learned about the Three Days and Easter. We have also been putting on Church and have gotten to further develop our relationship with God. We will talk about Mary and honor her this coming month. 


    Important Dates

    May 6th: 4th Quarter Progress Reports

    May 7th: Special Lunch

    May 12th: Mother's Day 

    May 16th: Barb-a-thon

    May 20th: Ladies' Guild 

    May 27th: No school! Memorial Day 

    May 30th: Spirit Day 

    June 4th: End of the year picnic 

    June 5th: 11:30 dismissal and K Graduation! 


    • On Special Lunch days there is no hot lunch or milk service. If you did not sign up for Special Lunch, please provide your student with a lunch.
    • Please label gym sweatshirts.
    • If snow is on the ground, boots need to be worn to school. This is St. Barbara policy. 
    • Please return brown envelopes the day after they are sent home. 
    • We have 16 students in the class. If you send in any treat, please make sure it is nut free.