Welcome to Kindergarten!

  • Teacher: Ms. Wargo


    The year has been off to a great start! Check below for what we learning about and what we will be learning about this month. 

    Math: This past month, we worked harder on our subtraction and addition skills. We applied our knowledge with new versions of our game Top-It! We also continued to work with combinations of 10s and smaller numbers with bonding bracelets and story problems. Students are really prospering in their math skills! As the school year ends, we will be working with weigth and capacity, combinations of 10, and functions. This will all prepare students for a great start in 1st grade!

    Superkids: In April we learned letters Ww, Kk, Qq, and Jj. We learned how Q is always followed by u. We read a skit and added memory words to our vocabularly. As we continue on, we will learn Yy, Xx, and Zz. We are reading and decoding words so much better. We will keep working on sequencing and following oral directions of how to mark a story. The progress students have made is something they should all be proud of! 

    Social Studies: In April we talked about Earth Day and how we can help our planet. We know to take care of the outside and inside of our enviornment everyday- not just on Earth Day. In May, we will talk about Mother's Day as well as summer safety. Hard to believe I am mentioning the word summer! 

    Science: We studied giraffes this month to go along with our field trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo. Did you know that giraffes are the tallest animal? We do! We also discussed butterflies and are now starting to talk about the parts of a plant. We will also talk about ladybugs.  

    Writing: Students are getting better with their vowel rules. We have learned our rules for a, e, and i and now are focusing on o and u. Vowel rules will prepare students well for first grade. Our writing is improving too. Students know to capitalize the first word in a sentence and even how to use quotation marks for dialouge. We will continue with these skills to have great sentences! 

    Religion: In April we discussed the Lord's Prayer and how we celebrate the life of Jesus at meals. As we end the school year, we will discuss and celebrate Mary in the month of May and how we can show others Jesus in our lives. 

    If you ever need to each me, my email is kwargo@stbarbarachicago.org. Please give 24 hours for me to respond. On weekends, I will not answer emails after Friday at 4 pm until Monday morning. 

    Important May Dates:

    Monday, May 7th: 4th Quarter Progress Reports go Home 

    Tuesday, May 8th: Special Lunch 

    Thursday, May 10th: Barb-a-thon 

    Friday, May 18th: K Free Day/New K Visting Day

    Monday, May 21st: Ladies' Guild Meeting 

    Monday, May 28th: Memorial Day- No School

    Thursday, May 31st: Spirit Day & Dine-Out Night


    Kindergarten Graduation will take place Tuesday, June 5th.