Welcome to Preschool!

  • Teacher: Ms. Short

    Teacher Aide: Mrs. Gortowski
    Teacher Aide: Mrs. C. Whitehouse

    Teacher Aide: Mrs. Cabral


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    Hello Parents/Guardians!

     Wow! Can you believe it is already May! 

    Throughout the month of April, the preschoolers have been busy learning the last four letter in the alphabet W,X, Y and Z. During Z week, we will take a trip to the "Zoo" in our gym and see the animals through our binoculars. This is a great opporunity for us to work on writing zoo animal names. We will read stories and learning about the Zoo as we prepare for "Zoo Day" on May 4th. 

    We will explore patterns while making colorful zebra using AAB and AABBC patterns.  We will continue to practice writing and recognizing our numbers. We will also talked about less and more as we compared different quantities.


    May/June at a Glance

    Math: We will continue to expand on:

    • Counting (0-40)
    • Patterns (AB, ABB,AAB,AABB,ABC and AABBCC)
    • Number Recognition (0-30)
    • Review on shapes (square, circle, triangle, rectangle, rhombus, hexagon and oval)
    • Add/subtraction concepts
    • Spatial Awareness (after, before, between, behind, backwards, forward, right, left, under, and over) 
    • Measurement (height, weight, length and volume)

    Language Arts: 

    We will finish learning the last letter in the alphabet during the first week of May. After all letters are learned, we will continue to review all letters learned by creating a class book. Each student will be assigned a letter please return your completed letter page to school by May 7th so we can review items that start with each letter of the alphabet. Please look for more infomation in your child's brown envelope on Friday, May 4th. 

    ABC Book

    • Identify Color: Pink; review all colors
    • Identify Shapes: Review all shapes
    • Understanding Concepts: Rhyming
    • Phonological Awareness: Identify rhyming words
    • Visual Development: Compare and contrast pictures; recognize and extend patterns
    • Comprehension: Generate questions


    We will be exploring Chapter 30: We Love Mary. We will be talking about taking care of God's creations and Mary. We will tak about Mary as we get ready to clebrate Mother's Day. 

    STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math): We be talking about spring, trees, plants/ gardening and spring animals. We will continue to learn about spring and all of the changes that can be seen with the change of season. We will also explore the life cycle of butterflies as we watch our class caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies. 

    Please look for our weekly newsletter in your child's brown envelope for what the students have been learning and ways you can support their learning at home. All of the weekly newsletters can be found at the bottom of this page. 

    Ms. Short

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