Welcome to Kindergarten!

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    Teacher: Ms. Wargo


    Teacher Aide: Mrs. C. Whitehouse


    Read below for everything we will be learning and doing in Kindergarten this month! 

    Math: We have now added the addition and the equal symbol into our math vocabulary. We are also exploring further our teen numbers, seeing them as ten and some more ones. In February, we will be working with length and exploring how to measure length. We will also be talking about 3-d shapes and how they compare to 2-d, or flat, shapes. Keep a look out for information about our 100th day of school celebration! 

    Superkids: We have now met all of our Superkid friends and are just about finished with the first half of the Superkids program for kindergarten! We will be learning Bb/b/, Rr/r/, Nn/n/, and Mm/m/ this month. Now we will talk about the adeventures the Superkdis go on in their club. Our memory words so far have been I, a, is, and the. They will be built upon in the upcoming units adding of and put. This half of Superkids really picks up in pacing so please make sure you are practicing letter-sound correspondence with your student at home. 

    Writing: Students have continued to work with telling and asking sentences. We are working on remembering the components to a sentence: capital letter, finger space, and a period at the end. We are now adding exclamatory sentences as well. Thus far in the school year the focus has been the teacher dictating student sentences. Now, students will be asked to independently sound out their sentence, reading it over to the teacher. The stressor is for students to stretch out word by word to hear and write as many letter sounds as they can. Invented spelling is encouraged and grade level approriate. 

    Social Studies: In January we learned all about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and how we can be more like him in our classroom. In February, we will talk about President's Day and Black History Month. 

    Science: This past month, we talked about snow and learn about penguins. Now, we will be discussing dental health and exploring shadows. 

    Religion: In January we talked about how Jesus grew up and how the Holy Family is like our family too. Now, we will be learning how Jesus teaches us to love and help one another. The season of Lent does not begin until March this year, so we have more time to focus on Jesus's teachings before then! 

    Important Dates

    February 12th: Special Lunch

    February 14th: Valentine's Day

    February 15th: School Makeup Day & No Hot Lunch Service

    February 18th: Free Day! President's Day

    February 19th: 3rd Quarter Progress Reports

    February 25th: Ladies' Guild Meeting 

    February 28th: Spirit Day 


    • On Special Lunch days there is no hot lunch or milk service. If you did not sign up for Special Lunch, please provide your student with a lunch.
    • Please label gym sweatshirts.
    • If snow is on the ground, boots need to be worn to school. This is St. Barbara policy. 
    • Please return brown envelopes the day after they are sent home. 
    • We have 16 students in the class. If you send in any treat, please make sure it is peanut free.