Welcome to Kindergarten!

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    Teacher: Ms. Wargo


    Teacher Aide: Mrs. C. Whitehouse


    Read below for everything we will be learning and doing in Kindergarten this month! 

    Math: Students are continuing to work with identifying numbers. We have gotten to know our "tricky teen" numbers and we have even used math tools like a pan balance to discuss weight. We are now using not only pattern blocks, but also attribute blocks when we talk about shapes and their characteristics. In December, we will explore capacity, counting by 10s, and finding combinations of numbers as an introduction to addition. 

    Superkids: In November we met Lilly (Ll), Icky (Ii), and Tic, Tac, and Toc (Tt). We are using our letter sounds to blend to form words and are even learning memory words now, like is, so we can read simple sentences. In December we will meet Frits (Ff) and Ettabetta (Ee). We will work with these sounds at the beginning, middle, and end of words as well encoding them within words. Students are continuing to use their ice-cream lines to be able to write their letters. 

    Writing: Students have now learned all theri color words and we are applying this knowledge in weekly worksheets to practice. Students are also becoming better at hearing letters in words. Now the challenge is to not only hear the beginning and ending sound, but listen for the sounds in between. This skill will become better once we learn more of our letters and their corresponding sounds. It is wonderful to see how students are improving! 

    Social Studies: In November we talked all about Thanksgiving and Veteran's Day. Students loved our Veteran's Day assembly and came back so inspired! In December we will talk about wants and needs, perfect for when considering those Christmas lists! 

    Science: We discussed and learned all about our 5 senes and the part of our body we use with each one in November. In December, we will talk about hibernation and what animals do in the winter. 

    Religion: In November we celebrated All Saint's Day and talked about how we can share God's love with our family and our friends. In December we will talk about Advent and how we are preparing our hearts for Jesus this season. We will also talk about Christmas, along with the Nativity story. December is my favorite month for religion! 

    Important Dates

    December 3rd: 2nd Quarter Progress Reports sent home 

    December 4th: Special Lunch & Santa Shop

    December 9th: Kindergarten & 1st Grade Family Mass

    December 14th: Christmas Concert

    December 17th: Ladies' Guild Ice Cream Treat

    December 18th: School Christmas Assembly & 11:30 am dismissal

    December 19th- January 1st: Christmas Break

    January 2nd: School Resumes!


    • On Special Lunch days there is no hot lunch or milk service. If you did not sign up for Special Lunch, please provide your student with a lunch.
    • Family Mass and the Christmas Concert are mandatory events. Please have students dress up for these events. 
    • Please label gym sweatshirts.
    • If snow is on the ground, boots need to be worn to school. This is St. Barbara policy. 
    • Please return brown envelopes the day after they are sent home.