Welcome to Eighth Grade!

  • Teacher: Ms. Mohr


    Class of 2018-2019 welcomes you to the 8th grade webpage.

    Important dates to remember:

    Special lunch and out of uniform January 8th

    8th grade graduation pictures Thursday, January 10th

    2nd quarter ends Friday, January 11th

    Free day MLK day January 21st

    2nd quarter report cards January 22nd


    5th Grade Science

    In January, fifth grade will be examining ecosystems.  We will take a closer look at how ecosytems change, how organisms interact in ecosystems, and how humans impact ecosystems.  The relationship between producer, comsumer, and decomposer as well as predator and prey will be compared and contrasted.  We'll also draw out food chains and food webs to describe how energy flows in an ecosystem.  Student vocabulary can be found on pages 181-184.  It is always encouraged to get a jump on terms as soon as you can.

    6th Grade Science

    In January, sixth grade will be classifying rocks.  We'll be identifying characteristics used to classify igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks.  Besides that, as a class we also be taking a closer look at the types of these rocks and how specifically they're used.    From there we will examine the formation of coral reefs.  Finally, we will cover the rock cycle and explain the role of plate tectonics in the rock cycle.  We will also be in the lab this month working to classify rock samples.  

    7th Grade Science

    In Jaunary, seventh grade will be looking at energy.  We will examine the different forms of energy.  We will work to explain how an object's mechanical energy is determined.  The law of conservation of energy will be introduced in this chapter.  Also, we will identify the source of the energy stored in fossil fuels.  From there, we'll describe how energy is transformed when fossil fuels are used.

    8th Grade Science

     In January, eighth grade will be studying infectious diseases & non infectious diseases, the body's defenses & the prevention of infectious disease, and Cancer and its link to the environment and carcinogens.  We'll be taking a closer look at Robert Koch's postulates and lyme disease.  From there, we'll look at the type 2 Diabetes epidenic in the USA. We'll compare antibotics and antiviral drugs and examine the benefits and issues with these medications.  Finally, We'll take a closer look at cancer and what links skin cancer with carcinogens. 

    8th Grade Religion  

    Students should continue to work on mass reflections each Sunday as part of their Religion grade.  Also, the last Thursday of January will be another prayer test day.  The prayer to Saint Joseph will be the prayer for this month.

    Service hours are being scheduled for January for both bulletins and church cleaning.  Schedules were distributed to students who signed up for these hours.