Welcome to Eighth Grade!

  • Teacher: Ms. Mohr


    Class of 2018-2019 welcomes you to the 8th grade webpage.

    Important dates to remember:

    February 10th 5th Grade family mass 9:30am

    February 12th Special lunch and boxtops/$1 out of uniform

    February 18th President's Day

    Febrary 19th Progress reports



    5th Grade Science

    In February students will be learning about the water cycle and weather.  Specifically, we'll examine weather and climate, clouds and precipitation, spheres of the Earth, and erosion and deposition.  In the lab, we'll be working on how can water move in the water cycle, how accurate are weather forecasts, how do clouds and precipitation form, and how does melting ice cause erosion?   

    6th Grade Science

    In February,  we will begin our second textbook Weather and Climate.  In chapter one of the new text we'll be taking a closer look at the types and measurements of precipitation, the water in the atmosphere (how clouds form and how water moves), describe local and global winds, examining heat transfer and how temperature is measured.  

    7th Grade Science

    In February, seventh grade should be moving onto a new textbook called Chemical Building Blocks.  In the beginning of this text, students will have an intro to matter, comparing contrasting elements, compounds, and mixtures.  Measurement of matter will be reviewing in terms of weight, mass, units, and density.  Changes in matter will be discussed as far as chemical and physical changes.  We'll also spend some time making sense of density.

    8th Grade Science

     In February, eighth grade will be working on the last systems in the Human Body Textbook, the Endocrine System and the Reproductive System.  We'll be taking a closer look at the human life cycle and the stages of human development that occur before birth.  We'll examine changes that occur from infancy to adulthood. We'll discuss the structure and the functions of the male and female reproductive systems.  Also, we'll describe how the endocrine system controls body processes.

     8th Grade Religion  

    Students should continue to work on mass reflections each Sunday as part of their Religion grade.  Also, the last Thursday of January will be another prayer test day.  The prayer to Saint Ignatius will be the prayer for this month.

    Service hours are being scheduled for February for both bulletins and church cleaning.  Schedules will be distributed to students who signed up for these hours.