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    Teacher: Ms. Sk

    Teacher Aide: Mrs. Gortowski

    Teacher Aide: Mrs. Cabral


    This month's theme is: Love, fairytales, Lent, and dental health awareness!

    Math: Students will conintue learning number names and the corresponding amount. Students will still ocntinue to learn about measurement and weight as they also learn about the number 100 (100th day of school!). Students will count from 0-10 (3 yr) 0-20 (4 yr) and use textile materials to coordinate number names to the correct amount. Students will be exposed to graphing, how to coordiante numbers, and how to read charts. 

    Phonics: In phonics, students will be introduced to the letters R, S, and T. They will learn about the character and the correct letter sound using Zoo-Phonics, and recognize the studied letter when grouped with other letters. Students will also practice tracing their names, and writing independently and identifying their uppercase and lowercase letters.

    Reading: Students will complete Unit 4, The Elves and the Shoemaker from Rowlands Reading Program (each unit takes at least 3 weeks to complete). They will use oral, audio and written skills to listen to The Elves and the Shoemaker and complete in-depth activities based on their readings.

    Religion: Students will continue to practice and learn arrival, snack, lunch and dismissal prayers. They will be introduced to Creation and God's love and learning about Valentine's day unit from Stories of God's Love religious program. Student's will also learn about Great Lent.

    Social Studies: Students will continue learning about classroom routines, rules and expectations. Students will also learn about President's Day, Chinese New Year, and Valentine's Day.  

    Writing: Students will continue working in their workbook "Writing Our Catholic Faith" which begins with simple fine motor skills, and gradually moves on to letter formations. Additionally, students practice writing the "Letter of the Week" during Work Centers changing each week from R, S and T.

    STEM (science): This month students will learn about day and night, and light and darkness. This will lead them to discover what shadows are and why they happen! Students will also learn about dental health and how to keep our smiles beautiful! 


     Important Upcoming Dates

    February 12Special Lunch

    February 18NO SCHOOL, President's Day

    February 25- Ladies' Guild 7pm

    February 28- Spirit Day


    Reminder: Your child’s backpack should not be too large or have wheels. Your child’s backpack should be large enough to fit a full-sized folder and brown envelope. Please write your child’s name on their backpack. 

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.